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The MET Costume Institure Gala 2009: Madonna in Louis Vuitton


Last night was fashion's favourite night: the Costume Institute Gala at the MET, which is generally much more interesting outfit-wise than the Oscars, or any other red carpet event, come to think of it.

In examining Madonna's outfit for the occasion, we tried to be fair and remember that it is technically a "fancy dress" party – last night's theme was "The Model as Muse". And Madonna is the current model for Louis Vuitton, so she at least had some kind of reason for wearing this outfit.

Like we say, we TRIED to be fair, but ultimately all we could think was, "What's that on her head? Did she even look in the mirror?" Of course, in Madonna's case, she probably did: the fact is, she just doesn't care, and, well, good for her.

We're still going to cuff her, though.

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