The Manifesto Legging’s manifesto is to be arrested

This is The Manifesto Legging by Hellz Bellz. (Side note: why do so many brands refer to their products in the singular now? A legging. A jean. A shoe. Surely these are leggings, not “legging”? “Legging” sounds like something a plumber might do to pipes.)

We can only assume the manifesto in question reads “get arrested by Fashion Police”. And we are more than happy to help out with that! Because, the thing is, people will wear these as pants, won’t they?

These are just begging to be worn as pants. Fashion victims will hear their call and obey it. And then everyone will be walking around in suspender leggings – sorry, legging – and the Fashion Police jail won’t be big enough to hold you all.

That’s why we’re trying to put a stop to this nonsense now. If you feel you must thwart us, you can click here to buy them for $62.


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