The Holiday Sweater Gets a Fashion Makeover, Courtesy of Andrea Crews

If you’ve been reading this site for a long, long, time, you’ll already know that we hate holiday sweaters.

And actually, even if you’ve only been reading this site for a short, short time, it’s the kind of thing you could probably have worked out for yourselves, isn’t it?

As well as straying deeply into Dress Like a Toddler territory, most holiday sweaters are garish, ugly, and very much the kind of thing children’s TV presenters used to wear back in the 80s. None of this bodes well.

Now, however, the holiday sweater is a fashion statement. We know this, because designers have started to make them, and as every good fashion victim knows, if it has a designer label in it, it must be good. The one above is by Andrea Crews, is £219, and we suspect has been created with a heavy dose of irony: we hope so, anyway. “Look!” the sweater seems to say. “I’m a reindeer with a snowman on my head! And I’m wearing those hideous Christmas themed earrings some women love so much. Could I BE any more ridiculous?”

(Yes, in our minds, the reindeer speaks just like Chandler Bing. We know not why.)

Ironic or not, though, the question is, would you buy it? Click here if so…

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