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The GaGaGallery: What Lady Gaga wore this week. And last week.


Well, isn’t that just typical? Last week you voted in favour of a weekly GaGaGallery here at The Fashion Police (kudos to Susan for coming up with the name!), so we can all keep track of Lady Gaga’s, er, contribution to the world of fashion, without letting her take over the site.

So, naturally, as soon as we decided to do just that, Our Lady of Perpetual Fashion Crimes apparently disappeared off the face of the earth. Rumours that Gaga is currently incarcerated in the Fashion Police jail have been greatly exaggerated: the truth is, we don’t know where Gaga is right now. All we know is that she’s out there somewhere, and until she decides to show her face (and probably the rest of her too) once more, here are some of her outfits from last week. Enjoy!


Sunday: all white on the night. Either that or she was auditioning for Saturday Night Fever.


 Gaga shoes. If you happend to be short-sighted, and didn’t notice the clear straps, you’d probably be impressed.


This probably counts as “dressed down” for her.

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