Can I add “age appropriate” and “fashion forward”. Those two …

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Can I add “age appropriate” and “fashion forward”. Those two phrases alone would get you pretty well sozzled watching any of E! Channel’s red carpet broadcasts!

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Fashion Confessions: I Got Stuck Inside My Clothes
I got stuck inside a dress in a souk in Dubai once. I’d tried it on over my clothes in the middle of the shop with assistance from my boyfriend and the shop owner, and when it came to getting it off again I got stuck with it halfway off, my arms trapped above my head and the dress covering my face. It took quite a lot of yanking to get it off, but the shop owner’s help seemed to mostly involve grabbing my boob! O_o

Fashion Police declare war on flatforms
I’m pretty sure flatforms were invented by someone who has never actually worn shoes. Because seriously, how could you ever expect to walk in them? Let alone walk with grace. Plus they’re clunky and ugly. Burn them all, I say!

Style on Trial: Paula Patton in purple at the premiere of Mission Impossible 2
Nope, don’t like it. Just looks tacky. Also, why do her boobs have ears?

Celebrity Style on Trial: Alexa Chung
I’ve never understood the appeal of Alexa’s style. Some people can throw on an eclectic mix of items and make it look ‘effortlessly thrown together’. Alexa just looks, well, thrown together.

English school asks parents not to wear pyjamas for the school run
Caroline that is the best story ever, it had me laughing out loud. I’ve just read your comment out to my daughter as proof that I am NOT the most embarrassing mother ever.

PS: I wore PJs to pick up my daughter once, but I was sick, had only just managed to roll out of bed in time and knew I wouldn’t actually have to get out of the car. Is that ok?

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