Monica, I am not being sensitive in any way shape …

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Monica, I am not being sensitive in any way shape or form. I am perfectly happy to explain anything that is done on the site to anyone that asks. But, if anyone gives me feedback and says

“So I’m offski. So long Fashion Police, it’s been fun.”

then I don’t really see much point in replying as I read that as the person is not coming back.

Anyway, moving forward, I think I have pretty clearly explained the rationale behind the changes. You’ll have also noticed that the first post on the homepage is displayed in full now. The excerpt below that now display 20 posts rather than 8. I think this gives a good balance of site load time and user experience for regular visitors.

There will likely be lots more changes on the site over the coming weeks. I genuinely hope you stick around and continue to enjoy our content with some faith that the site changes are aimed at making the site better 🙂


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The Fashion Victim Drinking Game
I wouldn’t really class what you said as feedback Monica, you basically said you hated it and you were never coming back to the site. I personally found it pretty surprising that a long term reader like yourself would decide to just up and leave because of a simple layout change.

Change is always difficult for people, it but we are not doing this because of aesthetic reasons. We are doing it because there were too many large images on the homepage and it was slowing down the site load speed. That combined with the continued increased in traffic levels has meant that we’ve been working on lots of ways of making the site faster.

I appreciate that some people will not like the change but unfortunately this is the route that a lot of high traffic sites have to go down eventually. There is a possibility we may revert back to the old layout (or a version of it) but for the next week or so we will be running the current layout to test how efficient it is


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