The Fashion Victim Drinking Game

"You just don't understand."

We know it’s possibly a little early in the day and the week to be playing drinking games, but honestly, sometimes it’s the only way the fashion world makes sense, no?

Anyway, we’ve devised this simple drinking game for you, to be played while reading fashion magazines, fashion blogs, or even right here on The Fashion Police, when reading comments by the various people who like to swing by sometimes to tell us that harem pants are, indeed, the very height of style (“Because I saw them on the runway, so they MUST be nice!”) and that if we don’t like it, we surely deserve to die.

Take one shot any time you come across one of the following words or phrases:

  • Bang on trend
  • Edgy
  • Unexpected
  • “But it’s designer!”
  • “These were on aaaaaalllll the runways this season…”
  • “You just don’t understaaaaannndd!”
  • Colorblocking
  • Pop of colour
  • Real woman
  • Rocking
  • Taking risks
  • Fierce
  • “Toughen up” the look (generally by adding studs or leather)
  • Remix
  • “You’re obviously just too fat/old/frumpy to wear it!”
  • “You don’t know ANYTHING about fashion!” (Said to anyone who doesn’t blindly follow trends or dares to express an opinion which fails to contain the requisite amount of drooling/fawning over the item in question.)
If you ever find yourself using one or more of these phrases, there’s a good chance you’re a Fashion Victim. We’re so sorry.
Feel free to add any others we may have forgotten: we may have started playing the game while we were writing this…

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