Amazing concept. …

Comment on The Emperor’s New Vein Embroidered Tube Top, by Dsquared by adimenta.

Amazing concept.

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The Hairy Underwear Collection, by Nutty Tarts
I think that even GAGA can’t pull these off…

Tacky Tees: Manoush’s fringed cotton t-shirt
I believe this is the perfect context to share this linguistic jewel: ‘manoush’ actually means ‘pussy’ in Hebrew. The bad kind. Not nice, not sexy, not flirty – the cheap, bad kind.
Nooooow the shirt makes a whole lot of sense right???

Bernhard Willhelm’s Half Pants: half the pants, double the fashion crime
This is so sad it’s not even funny

She has the perfect figure to pull this off.

She looks like she’s going to eat me

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