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The Emperor’s New Handbag: Prada’s Plex & Spazzolato Tote

Last week, we had a look at Prada’s see-through shoes, and came to the conclusion that if we were prepared to spend that much money on footwear, we’d at least want to be able to see it on our feet.

What about see-through handbags, though? Prada didn’t stop at shoes, this season, you see: they’re currently selling this plexi tote bag for $1,295 at Saks, and although it does come with a detachable zippered pouch in which to carry any items you really don’t want to put on public display, it’s still something of a pickpocket’s dream, allowing them to see exactly what you’re carrying before they decide to mug you for it. (Although, in our case they’d probably be able to get more for the handbag than the contents!)

Of course, this isn’t exactly a new idea, and we’ve been seeing this kind of bag crop up every now and then for decades, but we must admit, it hasn’t become any more appealing to us in all that time, and the thought of paying $1,295 for an “invisible” bag seems just a little bit “Emperor’s New Clothes” to us. What about you, though? Would you buy this bag, or do you prefer to keep your belongings under wraps?

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