The Emperor’s New…Christopher Kane biker jacket

It’s like the neon ghost of a REAL biker jacket, isn’t it?

And it’s almost $1,600.

For a pretty-much see-through jacket that will neither keep you warm or make much of a fashion statement: other than, “The emperor isn’t wearing any clothes,” obviously.

Is that the Daylight Robbery alarm we can hear going off?

(Click here to buy it)


  • March 22, 2011


    mwahahaha neon ghost of a biker jacket!)))
    seems like “click here to buy it” link doesn’t work.. too bad.
    no jacket for me)))

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  • March 22, 2011


    I actually really like it (though I tend to think that pretty much anything at that price is over priced :P)! However, I see these things as accessories rather than actual articles of clothing, so I judge them differently 😛 As clothing it’s useless, but as an accessory, I think it could be quite fun…

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  • March 22, 2011


    I agree, I would actually like this as a shirt with a tank top or something underneath. Of course it’d be tough to find a time and place to wear it, spring (in Canada) is mostly too cold, summer too hot…

    But it’s cool and a pretty colour! Too bad about the price tag 🙁

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  • March 23, 2011


    I’ll buy it, no problem,…with my perfectly invisible neon green ghost money.

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