The Emperor’s New Bruno Pieters pants

You know, we’ve seen a lot of pairs of ridiculous shants in our time on the Fashion Police beat. But every time we see another pair – particularly a pair like the ones shown above – it still makes us want to do this:

That’s why our electronics bill here at Fashion Police HQ is so high. And why we’re in therapy three times per week.

These are an astonishing £291. The Emperor isn’t wearing any clothes.

[Click here for the product page]


  • June 8, 2011

    Melanie Hammer

    I think these pants are great! I love this trend, particularly when another pair of opaque pants are worn beneath the sheer pair creating a neat take on pants layering. *They are also very fun to illustrate- based off of Doneger’s forecasting sketches that is.

    Hoping to find a pair soon to add to my wardrobe. Maybe a designer pair on sale already??

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    • June 15, 2011


      are u being serious or partaking the urine?

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