The City Slipper – galoshes for high heels


Rain. It’s a bit of a pain, isn’t it? (Oh hey, wouldya lookit that, we’re poets and we didn’t know it!) It’s a pain at any time, of course, but it’s particularly annoying if you happen to be out and about wearing a pair of slippery-soled stilettos, which is presumably why SWIMS have come up with this idea for what they call "The City Slipper" and what we call "galoshes for high heels".

Does anyone out there actually wear galoshes? We have to admit that, despite being able to see how practical they could be, we don’t have a single pair to our name, but maybe that’s because we tend to wear heels, and you haven’t been able to buy galoshes for high heels… until now!

The City Slipper is basically a rubber cover that slips on over your shoe, providing some extra traction on the sole and protecting the toes from the elements. The cover is low-cut, so it’ll fit around bows, buckles and other adornments and the sole of each "slippers" has a map of either  New York, Paris or Tokyo engraved into it, which we guess will come in handy if you happen to find yourself caught in the rain in any of those countries, although you will have to remove your shoe to be able to read it.

Cute idea, but what we want to know, of course, is would you wear it? If so, check out the SWIMS website, where they’ll be available soon.

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