Crimes of Fashion

The Cap Sac: like a bum bag for your head


The Fashion Police have been fighting the good fight against bum bags/fanny packs for a long time now, and we're pleased to announce that designers have finally relented and started to find new ways for us to carry our belongings "hands free".

Like wearing them on our heads, for instance.

* headdesk *

So, this is the Cap Sac, and as you can see, it's a "sack" for your "cap". Or rather, a sack that is attached to your cap. Basically, you're wearing a fanny pack on your head.

What think you of this idea, readers? Genius? Practical? Or exactly what the phrase "wearing a fanny pack on your head" suggests?

The Cap Sac is available in a range of 80s-tastic fluorescent colours, and you can buy one for $12.99 here.

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