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Skin Colour is Not a Fashion Statement
It shouldn’t really need to be said, should it?

Which item of clothing would YOU ban?
 We chose Crocs. What about you?

90s Fashion Trends: A Roundup
The best and worst of the 90s. Or maybe that should be the worst and the worst?

The Urinal Dress
Exactly what it sounds like.

UK and American Fashion Terms Explained
You say tomayto, we say tomahto…

Five Fashion Phrases We Hate
You know, she REALLY needs to eat a sandwich…

Jeremy Scott’s Underpants Handbag
Looks fantastic with the urinal dress.


Ugly Pants: A Fashion Police Gallery
Our roundup of the ugliest pants in all the land

Ugly Shoes: A Gallery
Frightening footwear

Ugly Skirts
Heard of the Gizmo skirt? You soon will have…

Ugly Dresses: the ultimate roundup
Dresses were never meant to be this ugly.

Ugly Prom Dresses Gallery
What NOT to wear to prom this year.