Completely Pointless Items of Clothing: The Air Vent Top

Air_vent_topMaybe we’ve been slightly premature in referring to this top as “completely pointless” in the title, here. After all, if you had more than one head, you’d probably find it very practical indeed, on account of all of those extra head holes. Or if, say, you lived in a very warm climate, but had need of an item of clothing that kept your arms covered while simultaneously exposing your belly button, beast bone, shoulders and elbows. Or if you fond yourself in a position where you had to provide inflatable rubber rings to very small people. Or…. actually, that’s it. We’re totally out of ideas for this one, so we’re going to conclude that we were right the first time, and that it is, indeed, completely pointless.

If you have any other ideas, though, we’d love to hear them…

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