The 80s are making a fashion comeback: run!


Brace yourselves, folks: the 80s are making a comeback. Yes, again.

Seriously, it's like Groundhog Day, isn't it? Every single year now, fashion designers seem to decide to revive the 80s, and to be brutally honest, the 80s were bad enough the first time round, why would we want to relive them over and over again, through acid-wash jeans and neon stilettos? Why?! Why can't fashion designers decide to revive a different fashion era for a change? (Fashion Police suggestion: the 40s.)

Such is to be our fate, though, and this summer it would appear that the 80s revival is worse than ever, with acid wash being touted as the only denim to be seen in, and Topshop even going so far as to start selling Kylie and Jason t-shirts. What's next, we ask: scrunchies and shell suits?

So, what do you think? Clearly the fashion world isn't about to give up on the 80s without a damn good fight, but will you be fighting back, or are you ready to just give in and accept acid wash and neon into your life?

(Model shot and t-shirt: Topshop; denim skirt, Miss Selfridge; shoes, Faith)

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