The 70s revival has gone too far

We feel like we’ve been fighting off the 70s fashion revival for months now. Probably because we have.

When news of the 70s comeback first reared its head, back in January, we were concerned. We had a feeling this would all go horribly wrong, and that feeling stayed with us, no matter how many people tried to convince us a 70s revival could actually be a GOOD thing. “Open your minds, Fashion Police,” they said, “Allow a fashion era other than the 50s to infiltrate your closets!” (Which was unfair, really: we also like the 40s. And the early 60s.) Still we remained unconvinced. And, OK, I COULD have worked. If people had stuck to the occasional 70s-inspired element – like (sightly) flared jeans, say, or tasteful maxi dresses for summer. But, of course, they couldn’t, could they? We knew the fashion world couldn’t be trusted not to take the 70s look way, WAY too far, and today we found our proof:

70s fashion

This outfit is by Jaded London, and is available at ASOS. Previous to this, however, you could’ve found something almost identical at any one of hundreds of costume shops, specialising in the kind of ‘hilarious’ Halloween costumes you’ll wear once and be glad to take off when you get back from your costume party, because sure, it was funny, but you also felt pretty silly in it, so you’re glad you don’t have to wear it ALL the time.

Well, now you CAN wear it all the time, folks, and you can call it “fashion” while you do it. No one will be able to laugh at your comedic flares and highly-patterned crop top. They’ll still do it, obviously – because you’ll look like you’re on your way to a 70s-themed fancy dress party. But YOU’LL get the last laugh, because YOU’LL know you’re the very height of fashion!

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