Celebrity Style on Trial: Thandie Newton in Jasmine Di Milo at the RocknRolla premiere

Thandie_newton_rocknrolla_2Thandie Newton is gorgeous. Seriously, isn’t Thandie Newton gorgeous? Her white Jasmine Di Milo dress, though, as seen at the RocknRolla premiere earlier this week… well, that we’re not so sure about. It’s the way it joins together between the legs, that puts us off: It kind of reminds us of a giant, droopy diaper. (Not that we’ve actually seen anyone wear a diaper of this magnitude, you understand, but you know what we mean…) and we can tell just by looking that having that thing flapping between our ankles when we walked would get old pretty quick. Not, mind you, that this dress would have had the opportunity to flap between our ankles in the first place, because the whole look just seems to scream “Lookit my boobs and thighs! Sexy enough for ya?” and we’re not really “down” with that.

Then again, we’re not Jasmine Di Milo, either, and that fact is probably clouding our judgment somewhat.

What do you think of this dress, readers? Love it? Hate it? Totally indifferent to it? Tell us!

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