Thakoon’s Short Layered Leggings a.k.a. ‘Trousers stuck to socks’

We have no idea why Shopbop have chosen to describe this garment as “leggings”. There are no “leggings” in this picture, is there? Nope, this is a straightforward case of “black pants with socks sewn over the top of them.”┬áBut when have you ever pulled on a pair of black trousers- the type you’d wear to the office, say – and thought. “Gosh, I wish I could fit a pair of thigh-high socks on over the top of these! If only someone would make such a look possible!”

Our only conclusion is that Shopbop’s copywriters looked at the photos, did a double take, and then thought, “Hell, let’s just call ’em leggings. Maybe no one will notice.”

Of course, if you HAVE secretly been hoping to introduce a trouser/sock hybrid into your life, we’re going to guess you might ALSO like the sound of leggings-stuck-to-shorts. Luckily for you, Thakoon delivers on that front, too:

(Ah, the sad sagginess of the butt! There’s a real pathos to these droopy drawers, don’t you think? They make us want to weep, in fact.)

It’s so hard to thrown on a pair of shorts over a pair of leggings, isn’t it? You really need the two items to be joined to each other, otherwise it’ll just look silly.

These are $540, while the trouser/sock version is more expensive at $650. Click here to order either of them from Shopbop.

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