Thakoon’s court sleeves dress – complete with back AND front vents!



Remember the mysterious back vent dresses that've been popping up here,there and everywhere this summer?

Well, here's a dress that's determined to beat the back vent" trend at its own game, because this one doesn't just have a handy air vent in the back, it also has a gaping hole in the front, too – a window, if you like, through which your belly will be made visible, for the viewing pleasure (or otherwise) of the people around you.

In other words, it's a crop top attached to a skirt.And it costs $2,283.

Sound like a bargain? If so, it's by Thakoon, and you can buy it here.

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  • July 2, 2009


    lol all that air venting seems like it would be more practical around thanksgiving

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