Style Stealer: Taylor Swift in Kate Spade’s striped ‘Carolyn’ dress

Taylor Swift in Kate Spade Carolyn dress


It’s Taylor Swift, everyone! Looking… well, exactly like she always does!

We jest, of course: we’ve defended Taylor before on the charge of being “too boring”, and we stand by our opinion that it’s unreasonable to expect celebrities (or anyone else, really) to be constantly changing their looks, chameleon-like. People don’t do that in “real life”, after all, in which most people work out what they like, and then more or less stick to it, so we don’t see why Taylor Swift should be any different. Especially when she looks so darn cute, with her bright red lips and her striped silk dress.

The dress is Kate Spade’s ‘Carolyn’ dress, and we think it’s the perfect blend of classic and┬ácontemporary, and we promise we’re not just saying that because we’ve never met a stripe we didn’t like. OK, we kind of are saying that, actually. Sorry.

The bad news is that the dress is on the pricey side, at $478. Well, no one said life was fair..

[Buy it here]

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