Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Tattoo print jumpsuit by Acne: because looking like you’re naked is SO this season…

A sheer jersey, flesh-coloured (Well, sort-of, depending on the colour of your flesh) body-suit, designed to make you look like you’re naked but for your tattoos.

We think Acne may well have excelled themselves with this one, no?

Actually, what’s most amazing about this little beauty is the brand’s suggestion on how to wear it. “Wear it layered with a dress or maybe a blazer,” advise the good people at Acne. OK, the dress we could live with: it wouldn’t be our choice of clothing, granted, but it wouldn’t necessarily be too awful, either. But a BLAZER? And nothing else? Are you TRYING to get people arrested (by us) here, Acne? Or did you just think you were speaking only to Lady Gaga when you made that suggestion?

This is £155 from Acne, and there’s also a bodysuit version available.

(Good to see those Gemini shoes make an appearance here, too! A double-whammy!)

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