Veronikia – yes, that’s what we said, wasn’t it? …

Comment on Tartan Terrors: DSquared2’s plaid ankle boots by The Fashion Police.

Veronikia – yes, that’s what we said, wasn’t it?

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Idenity Parade: which one is the designer shoe?
Well, looks like there’s no fooling The Fashion Police readers! Most of you guessed correctly that that designer shoe was Suspect B – scroll up to see the answer, with links to each shoe!

Dress(es) of the Day: 80s style prom dresses at River Island
Veronica – as the post says, it’s from River Island. This post is from 2007, though, so I wouldn’t imagine they’ll be in stock now.

There’s a fine line between “harem jeans” and “mom” jeans…
Good point, V! No, there’s really not! It’s Line Of Doom.

Lady Gaga goes “naked” in Paris
Oh, the shoes, jacket and gloves are innocent of all charges – in fact,they’re all pretty nice. Especially the shoes. It’s the leotard that’s the problem here, and the glasses don’t help. Carla, I think you’re right re: Margiela!

Victoria Beckham loves fur – but don’t worry, it’s fake…
Wow, Helen that sounds awful – even the Fashion Police wouldn’t *actually* stop people in the street and demand to know what their clothes were made of – that must’ve been quite scary!

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