Tartan shoes from Dsquared2 at Milan Fashion Week

Tartanshoes OK, OK, we get it! Tartan is going to be big next winter, GOD. So many designers have used the clashy fabric in their collections at the current round of Fashion Weeks that we’re starting to think it may be better for us all if we just try to reconcile ourselves that the stores are going to be looking like the inside of an Edinburgh gift shop this time next year, so if we want to be able to clothe ourselves at all, we’d better find a way to wear it.#

If The Fashion Police absolutely had to wear tartan, we’d choose these shoes, as seen on the Dsquared2 runway this week in Milan. We know what you’re thinking: how will we walk in them? Well, all we can tell you is that The Fashion Police are so used to walking in stilettos that when we kick our shoes off in the evening we walk around on tip-toes, so we’re hoping it won’t be too much of a problem.

We’re also hoping these will be the last tartan items we’ll have to see this season, but somehow we think we’re destined to be disappointed on that score…

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