Swimwear Section: ‘Treasure Island’ tankini by Seafolly

Tankini_2  The perfect halfway house between the bikini and the onepiece, the tankini allows you to flash a bit of midriff, should you want to, while still keeping you a little more covered up than an itsy bitsy, teeny weeny bikini.

The resurgence of the nautical trend this summer has left us with a taste for all things stripey, so while we appreciate that horizontal stripes aren’t for everyone, they always seem very seaside-appropriate to us, and we like the use of them here, especially in the stripes belt, which is the main point of interest here.

This tankini is by Seafolly, and is pretty damn expensive, however: £38 for the bottoms, and £53 for the top, although there is also a bikini top option, which will bring the total price down slightly, coming in at £44.

Get it from Figleaves.