Crimes of Fashion

Tall And All gold splash stretch soft velour tall skinny leggings

We’ll just give you a moment to finish dousing your eyes with eyeball bleach.  Better?  Good.

We think these may be one of the most hideous pairs of leggings we have ever seen.  Red, pink, brown, it’s all going on here!  But if you are thinking that the pattern is not so bad, take another look at the title description.

That’s right.


And that’s a crime of fashion, right there.  We are not sure anything made of velour should be allowed, but especially not leggings with an eyesore of a print on them.

So what is it that puts these leggings into the Daylight Robbery category?  Well dear readers, Tall And All are charging £35 for them.  £35!  For leggings!  Leggings which are tights by any other name and should never cost more than about a tenner.

If you disagree however, and would spend £35 on these, you can do so here.

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