Take Shoeperwoman’s Shoe Challenge!

Shoeperwoman's Shoe Challenge

Attention all shoe addicts! Do you have too many pairs of shoes? Well, our sister shoe blog, Shoperwoman.com, has a challenge for you: wear every pair of shoes you own in the space of a year – or lose ┬áthem.

This is the third year of the popular Shoeper Shoe Challenge, which last year attracted over 100 members, all determined to use ’em or lose ’em, and all snapping photos every week of the shoes they’d “saved”. This year, Shoeperwoman has opened a dedicated Shoe Challenge Community, which allows participants to upload their photos and chat about the challenge on their own dedicated page at Shoeperwoman.com. There’s also a shoe forum, for all things footwear-related.

The new challenge launched today: click here to read more about it and join in!

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