Giambattista Valli


IMAGES: Giambattista Valli for Macy’s Impulse

(Does this photo make anyone else fall off their seat laughing, or is it just us? Why is that one model knocking herself on the head? Is the one in red trying to grope her?) The whole designer capsule collection is something The Fashion Police have never really been able to fake a lot of enthusiasm over. Honestly, we get exhausted just thinking about them: all of that frenzied shopping, the getting up at the crack o’dawn to line up outside H&M, or wherever, just so you can buy exactly the same items as the hundreds of other girls all lined up outside H&M and type the word “SQUEEE!” a few dozen times on Twitter when you finally manage to…

Designer Vs High Street: Polka dot dresses by Giambattista Valli & Oasis

Our Fraud Squad officers took a long, hard look at these two dresses, but ultimately decided there were just enough differences between them to keep Oasis on the right side of the law. With that said, there are a lot of similarities between them, too. Giambattista Valli’s polka dot dress was a Dress of the Day back in February, and comes with a waist belt and ruffled sleeves. Oasis’s ruffle spot print dress, meanwhile, is new for Spring/Summer 2010, and comes with… a waist belt and ruffled sleeves. Lots of similarities, then, a few points of difference, and, overall, a great, designer-inspired bargain for anyone who loved this style. Which do you prefer?