dressing like a woodland creature

      More animal-inspired headwear from Topshop Unique

      We know many of our readers love the current trend of dressing up as a woodland creature, so all we’ll say about these Topshop Unique hats is that: a) They exist b) They’re £500 each c) They’re exclusive to Colette Now click here to buy yourself one.

      Dress Like a Teddy Bear: Marios peluche sweater at Topshop

      Peluche, or “plush”: it’s that particular kind of fake fur that stuffed animals are made from. And which £300 sweaters are made from, too. We can’t decide whether this is a great response to a freezing winter, or whether it’s just a great (if expensive) way to dress as a giant teddy for Halloween. Oh, OK, we can decide. But we want to know what you think too, so what say you to the £300 teddy suit? Tell us! (Click here to buy it)

      River Island knitted panda with black ears beanie

      Fashion Trends: Hats with ears and animal heads

      Hats with ears are going to be a huge trend this autumn/winter.  Or so one glance at the River Island website would have you believe anyway.  Last winter they produced a similar hat with the ears embroidered on, which was known to us forever more as “The Rubin Hat” on account of its similarity to  to our Chief of Police’s dog. This year, however, the hats have actual ears attached to them and the beanies above are just two out of no less than 8 options, ranging from dogs to rabbits to faux fur trapper hats with ears. What do you think of this trend?  Do you want your hat to look like a bunny, or do you prefer it just…