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Style on Trial: Black Halo Blair dress

Well, this isn’t exactly the kind of thing we’ve come to associate with the makers of the famous Jackie O dress, is it now? In fact, we think we can confidently predict that Jackie O wouldn’t have touched this with a pointy stick, given that it’s essentially just a leather bra with a skirt stuck to the bottom of it and, well, that wasn’t exactly her signature style. Jackie O may not have worn it, then, but what we really want to know is, would YOU? Does Black Halo’s Blair dress tick all your boxes, or are you, like us, thinking this looks exactly like the product of a classic “out without your top on” nightmare? Yay or Nay to…

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Black Halo Vs Forever 21

Just days after our Fraud Squad reported Forever 21's version of Dr Martens pink patent boots, F21 are at it again, and this time we bring to your attention the "Evangeline" dress, which we call the "A Lot Like Black Halo's Herringbone Ruffle Dress, Don't You Think?" dress.  Forever 21 have made the ruffles smaller, added some buttons at the neckline, and changed the colour (although the Black Halo dress is available in lots of different colours, too). They've also knocked a bog chunk of the price: the original dress was $345 when it came out, and is now down to $200 at Bluefly. Forever 21's version is $29.80. Which one would you buy, assuming you'd buy either?

Dress of the Day: Black Halo’s ‘Maureen’ dress

Yes, it’s yet another Black Halo dress. We’ll stop making them Dress of the Day when they stop creating dresses that make us wish we were richer so we could just buy then all and have done with it. This is another one for the “simple but stunning” files. There’s been rather a lot of these around lately, and the current economic climate is making many of us more likely to invest in something classic that will last for years rather than the kind of dress that will make jaws drop, but be so distinctive that you’ll only ever wear it once. This definitely falls into the first category: different accessories will give it a different look, meaning that even…

Black Halo on a Budget: Jackie dress from Eye Candy Buy Candy

The Fashion Police love Black Halo, and particularly their classic Jackie O dress, which we loved enough to make a Dress of the Day back in March of this year. The dress was $328, but it’s now out of stock at Revolve Clothing, and can be hard to get hold of elsewhere, too, so we were pleased to find this budget alternative at Eye Candy Buy Candy for $80. This is also available in hot pink, and the site is currently offering 10% off all purchases – just enter the code GRAND10 at checkout.

Dress of the Day: Bustier Detail Pleated Mini Dress by Black Halo

Black Halo are The Brand That Can Do No Wrong right now as far as The Fashion Police are concerned, and we really hope we’re not tempting fate with that statement. It came as no surprise to us, then, when we instantly focused in on this dress over at Shopbop, that it’s made by Black Halo. It has that characteristic “classic-but-sexy” look to it, and although the plunging neckline is just a little too low for us to wear without wanting to tug it up all night, the gorgeous purple colour makes up for it. If you live it to, it’s $325 at Shopbop.

Fraud Squad: Black Halo Vs. Arden B cami dresses

This is one occasion where we’d much rather splurge on a designer dress than save money on the cheaper copy… We love Black Halo’s $345 Cami Dress – in fact, we loved it so much back in February that we even made it our Dress of the Day – but even although Arden B’s Ruffle Front Duet Dress is a fraction of the price at $128, we think this one would be worth coughing up the extra for: is it just us, or is the skirt on the Arden B dress just that bit too short to make it a worthy alternative? Still, if the shorter skirt meets with your approval, this dress will give you the same basic look…

Save or Splurge: Strapless Jumpsuits

With winter drawing in, strapless anything is probably the last thing you want to be buying, but let’s say you were in the market for a black, strapless jumpsuit at the moment: would you be saving or splurging on it, we wonder? The two jumpsuits show above aren’t identical: the one on the left is by Black Halo, and is wide-legged and floor length, as well as being $390, while the one on the right is by good ol’ Topshop, and has capri-length trousers with a sweetheart necked top. At £45, it’s not exactly "cheap", but it is significantly cheaper than the Black Halo suit, and while the difference in price can be seen in the fabric,  we much prefer…

Dress of the Day: Black Halo tweed jacket dress

Black Halo: they want to take all our money. How do we know this? Because they keep on producing beautiful dresses, that we’re forced to covet, and while they’re not the most expensive items of clothing out there, if we were to buy all of them, we’d definitely end up broke – and fast. This tweed jacket dress is the latest Black Halo creation to catch our eye. It’s in the classic Black Halo style – very tailored, a little bit retro, and with a dash of Roland Mouret-style thrown in for good measure. Just the kind of thing we like, and if it’s the kind of thing you like too, you can buy it for $345 at Pink Mascara…

Dress of the Day: Black Halo Keyhole Ruffle Sleeve Pencil Dress

Black Halo is fast becoming one of our favourite dress labels, and we love this pale grey keyhole ruffle sleeved dress, which we think is the right way to wear ruffles, using them to create that slight sense of drama with the silhouette, rather to make the wearer look like Barbie. This is $345 at Pink Mascara or, if you’re in the UK, £235 at ASOS.

Black Halo turn their Jackie O dress into a romper suit

Remember Black Halo’s Jackie O dress? It was our Dress of the Day on March 25th, and even now The Fashion Police still think fondly of its gorgeous, slim fitting style and Mouret-esque tailoring.  So when we heard that the label had turned the dress into a romper suit, we just didn’t know what to think. Of course, in very general terms, the words "romper suit" are almost guaranteed to terrify us, making is think instantly of the horrifying ‘Dress Like a Toddler Trend’ and the tendency of some grown women to dress like three year olds. This romper suit, however, definitely doesn’t look like something you’d catch a toddler wearing, and while it hasn’t really failed to win us…

Dress of the Day: Black Halo ‘Jackie O’ dress

This dress has been seen on a whole bunch of celebrities lately, and it’s not hard to see why. It’s Black Halo’s Jackie O Dress in Ink, and isn’t it purdy? Actually, “pretty” may not be the right word here: dresses like this fall more into the “sophisticated and elegant” category, which is why it’s probably been named after America’s First Lady of Style, Jackie 0. With a skinny waist belt (so totally this season, dahlinks!) and that sexy drape to the neck, it’s very Roland Mouret, although not quite in same price bracket – this will cost you $328.

Fashion Police at The Brits: Girls Aloud, minus Nadine

Here’s Girls Aloud (minus Nadine Coyle, who claimed to have "lost her passport") on the red carpet at last night’s Brit Awards. It’s like a bomb went off in a fake tan factory, isn’t it? Luckily Nicola must have missed the bomb – she was presumably too busy applying blusher at the time – but the rest of the girls got caught in the crossfire. Fake tan and Sarah’s dress aside, however, The Fashion Police are secret Girls Aloud fans (look, their music is good to work out to, OK?) and we’re pleased to see Cheryl Cole sticking a figurative two fingers up at errant husband Ashley by going about her business and looking glam. You go, girl! Or something….

Dress of the Day: Black Halo Cami Dress

We’re breaking our own rules for the second time by making this our dress of the day. And yes, we know it’s a dress pretending to be a skirt/camisole combo, and you know how we feel about that, but when it comes to sexy, high waisted pencil skirts, we’re finding we can just about live with it. There’s something very elegant about this dress, you see, and for that reason alone, we’re willing to overlook the fact that it’s actually two items of clothing stuck together. It’s the Black Halo Cami Dress in White/Black and it’s also available in grey/white, too. More Dress of the Day