Tacky T-Shirts – the boob job

Tshirt Now, we know this t-shirt is described on eBay as suitable for a Hen Night (that’s a bachelorette party, if you’re outside the UK and scratching your head right now), and Hen Nights sadly aren’t exactly known for classiness of attire, but seriously – would you ever want to go out in public with a set of hand prints on your boobs? EVER?

We say, "Not even if we’d just drunk the bar dry." What do you say?


  • June 16, 2008


    Well, what’s most disturbing is the size of the handprints…a tad “tiny”, wouldn’t you say? tacky at best, frightening advertisment of perverted desires at worst.

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  • June 16, 2008


    Agree with comment above, the size of hands is disturbing. But then again ANY hands would be horrible, so whatever.
    And I think it’s time to get over eBay, it’s full of fashion crimes, I mean, it’s a place where people try to get rid of junk they don’t want (but there are also nice things there, yes, but I mean, if there’s a place where one would expect fashion horrors, it’s internet auctions isn’t it? Bout time to face that little fact, and not be so surprised by it..)

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  • June 17, 2008


    I could totally imagine some of the hen parties (here in Heidelberg you can’t go out on Fridays & Saturdays without bumping into um… at least ten per evening?) with this kind of “funny” shirt. This indeed very ugly shirt is just one more reason to run as fast as you can whenever you see a hen party!

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  • December 30, 2012


    Looking at it alone is giving me wrinkles on my fourhead. Why would anybody want to wear such tin inside the house, not to talk about outside the house? HORRIBLE is the name for it.

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