SZA Is Launching Her Very Own Sustainable Clothing Line!

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It was only a few weeks ago that Rihanna announced she would be launching her very own luxury fashion brand, and now it looks like another one of your favorite music superstars is jumping on the clothing line bandwagon. Singer-songwriter SZA just revealed that she’s developing her very own sustainable clothing line that will soon be available to fans everywhere! SZA has had massive success in music just in the past few years. She was nominated for “Best New Artist” at the Grammys last year and her debut album, Ctrl, has been certified platinum with well over 1 million sales. So can we expect the same success from her clothing brand?

What Is SZA’s New Sustainable Clothing Line?

SZA’s clothing line is part of a collaboration with Champion sweats. SZA gave fans a sneak preview of some of this exclusive merch late last year and now she’s recently began showing some new items that she designed to promote sustainability. This has led fans to believe that the line will officially launch soon! The brand has released photos of SZA wearing a hoodie with the phrase “Sustainability Gang” and “Puck Flastic.” SZA has been passionate about environmental issues and sustainable living, and she has now created this sustainable line that will include environmentally-responsible clothing to help spread the word about this important cause.

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So what exactly is sustainable clothing? Sustainable clothing means a variety of things. A product has to meet a certain set of criteria to be considered sustainable.  This includes using only ethically-sourced materials. No people or animals can be hurt, mistreated, or enslaved during the production of the clothing. The product should be made to last, leading to longer wear. (This reduces the amount of clothing that gets tossed in the trash after a few wears.)

More and more brands have made the decision to transition to sustainable clothing. Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s also better for the consumer. Products that last longer mean the customer doesn’t have to go out every month and buy something new. It also means products are made to look and feel better, giving customers an overall higher-quality product to wear.

What Can We Expect From SZA’s Sustainable Collection?

SZA’s sustainable clothing line will differ from Rihanna’s fashion brand in that it’s not a luxury line. This means it’ll be easier to add SZA’s collection to your closet! There’s no definitive info on the pricing, but Champion’s other products are priced between $40 to $70, so it would be reasonable to assume SZA’s line will fall slightly above that range since it has a celeb name attached. So far the line features hoodies with slogans promoting sustainable living and tie-dye shirts. We’re sure that many more items from the line will emerge as more info comes out.

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There is also no info on where the collection will be available for purchase. While many celebs have clothing collections that are available only online, others can be found in-stores. Whatever the case is, we’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop when SZA drops this long-awaited clothing line!

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