Wear or Die: Swimwear section


It’s almost summer, which means it’s time to start thinking about swimwear. Of course, most of us would probably prefer not to think about the types of swimwear pictured above, which kinda scream out "I have absolutely no intention of swimming, but LOOK AT ME anyway!", but that’s too bad because The Fashion Police are going to make you think about them. In fact, we’re going to go even further than that and make you pick one to wear. If you don’t wear one, you die*. Simple!

Yes, folks, it’s this week’s edition of Wear or Die and we want to know which of these two swimsuits you’d wear if you had no other choice. Will it be the "belly window" white number, or the slightly less revealing black one which, sadly, has the Victoria’s Secret logo stamped all over it, just to keep the fug count high. Tell us! (Or, you know… die.)

* Note: Not really. Just pretend. No one call the cops.

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