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Summer’s coming – and Diesel have just the swimsuit to celebrate it!

Swimsuit_3 It snowed outside Fashion Police towers this morning, so we’re possibly being a little too optimistic by saying that "summer’s coming", but we would like to think it’ll show up sooner or later, and when it does, we wonder how many of you will be hitting the beach in Diesel’s Airtext Cut-Out swimsuit?

We had hoped that the cut-out swimsuit had had its moment last summer, because we can’t look at them without thinking "tan lines", and there’s also something just plain un-natural looking about them, but it seems that the cut-out one-piece is still alive and kicking, and, in the case of this one, is bright pink, with a huge logo stamped across the boob area.

This looks to us like something Pamela Anderson will probably be seen in sooner or later, and this alone is enough to make us want to designate it a Crime of Fashion. What do you think?

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