Handbag of the Week: Sweetheart by Lie Down I Think I Love You festival shoulder bag


Oh, that Lie Down I Think I Love You! How well they know us, and how well they know that all they have to do to guarantee their spot as handbag of the week, all they have to do is stick a pretty scarf on a bag, and they’re done. Making the bag in question this lovely bright pink colour helps, too, obviously, as does making it just the right size to carry all of our day-to-day necessities, while still looking stylish.

This is £130 at ASOS, and is also available in a chocolate brown if you don’t like the pink.

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  • November 8, 2008


    Oh I love it!
    I just can’t help it but anything with a bow..or a scarf..or a ribbon etc I immediately fall in love with!

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