Fantasy Shopping: Suzanne ‘Kaleidoscope’ retro cocktail dress

Suzanne 'Kaleidoscope' retro cocktail dress

Could we afford this? Not even in our wildest dreams.

Would we have somewhere to wear it, even if we could? Nuh-uh. Or not unless the Fashion Police uniforms get some serious upgrading, anyway. Or we decide to get married in 1955.

Do any of the above points stop us totally coveting this dress, and reaching out to stroke the screen lovingly, ever time we look at it? Nope, not for a second. Well, it’s called ‘Fantasy Shopping” for a reason, you know: no one ever claimed these clothes had to be practical, did they?

Just in case you don’t have an upcoming engagement at the alter, and DO have a spare $1,350 burning a hole in your bank account, here’s a slightly more wearable version:

black dress

Well, you can always use a little black dress, can’t you? And if you can’t, it also comes in navy. If navy isn’t your thing either, meanwhile, and seeing as we’re fantasy shopping, how about this

green 50s dress

We’ll stop now, before this gets too dangerous. You can find all of these and more at the Suzannah website. Just don’t expect any bargains…

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