Survey says visible bra straps are the fashion faux pas of the summer

Eamywinehouserex_228x414 So, The Daily Mail have done some kind of survey which, they say, proves that visible bra straps are the fashion crime of the summer. They say Britney Spears is a chief offender here, which, I have to say, came as a bit of a surprise to me because it’s not often you see Britney wearing a bra (not unless it’s her only clothes, that is), but there’s no denying that when bra straps become visible, it’s not a good look. Yes, Amy Winehouse, we are looking at you…

That said, one thing I hate even more than visible bra straps is those clear straps – you know, the ones that are supposed to be “invisible”, but are actually totally visible? Hate them. If you really must flash your bra strap (and I really can’t see why you should), at least flash a pretty one, rather than one of those clear numbers, I say. Look after the jump for more of the Mail’s summer fashion crimes…

Summer Fashion Crimes according to the Daily Mail

1. Visible bra straps

2. Chipped nail polish

3. Sandals with socks (I’d have placed this higher, personally)

4. Skirts that show underwear

5. Revealling your thong

6. White underarm stains from deodorant

A pretty comprehensive list, no? To these undoubtedly heinous fashion crimes, though, I’d add a few more:

1. Crocs.
Seriously, enough said.

2. Swimwear as outerwear.
(Seriously, I seen this all the time when I was on honeymoon recently, and I don’t care how warm you are, your bikini top isn’t a good alternative to a shirt, especially not when you’re wandering around a shopping mall or in the city. Fine at beachside bars etc, but elsewhere? Not so much, really.)

3. Ill-fitting outfits
I don’t know what it is about summer that makes people more likely to try and squeeze themselves into clothes that don’t fit, but I see more muffin-top and generally ill-fitting clothes in summer than in winter. It doesn’t matter what the size is on the label – swallow your pride and buy the size that fits, it’ll actually make you look thinner.

4. Black bras under white tops
I suspect I may get a few arguments on this one, because I see it so often that I’m convinced a lot of people think it’s fine, while I just think it looks cheap.

5. Feet that need a pedicure
I’m not claiming that your toenails need to be perfectly polished at all time (although I’d have to agree with the Mail about chipped polish. I’d rather wear my nails au natural than have a dark, chipped polish on show), but if your feet are covered in so much hard skin that you can’t even feel your heels any more, you need to invest in a Microplane foot file before you break out the strappy sandals. Just sayin’.

6. Caked-on makeup at the beach
OK, so this isn’t so much fashion as beauty, but I absolutely hate seeing girls sitting on the beach with a mirror out, trowelling on more makeup every five minutes. I’m as much of a makeup junkie as anyone else, but checking your appearance ever time you turn over looks vain and silly, and it’s one of my pet hates. Relax, have fun, and buy yourself a big pair of sunnies and some waterproof mascara if you’re that self-conscious about your appearance.

Anything we’ve missed?

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  • September 30, 2007

    Michelle C

    I agree. Crocs are the worst fashion disaster since, well, I don’t know when! Their THAT bad!

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