Surprise! It’s another Shopbop sale!

Sound the Shopbop sale claxon, officesr! Another flash sale has started, which means you have just three days to claim up to 40% off selected items. Want to see what we’d buy? Well, you’re in luck, because today we’ve done the sale shopping, so you don’t have to. (Er, you DO have to if you actually want to buy the clothes, though, OK? We’re not doing THAT for you, too…)

Purple knit mini dress

Carven knit mini dress

First up, this knit dress by Carven, which has a simple shape, great colour (who needs black or navy when you can have this glorious purple instead, right?), and – wonder of wonders – long sleeves. We don’t know about you, but we’ve had enough of knit dresses which force us to throw a cardigan over the top, thanks to the three-quarter or elbow length sleeves: if it’s cold enough to need a knit dress, it’s too cold for bare arms, fashion designers!

Schutz ankle boots

Schutz tan ankle boots

Next, say hello to these tan ankle boots by Schutz, and then try telling us they’re NOT an autumn/winter essential? You can’t do it, can you? Even the COLOUR is called ‘Autumn’, for goodness sake, and we’d wear these aaaalll season long.

Looking for something a little fancier in the footwear department? Enter Casadei, and their amazing ‘Blade’ heels:

Casadei slingback pumps

Casadei slingback pumps

OK, so even with 40% off, these still aren’t cheap, we’re not gonna lie. That discount, however, brings the price down from $750 to $450, which is quite a reduction. So, if you’re a shoe lover with a mind to making an investment, we’re pretty sure you won’t regret this one: those heels are a true classic.

Finally, this coat ISN’T in the sale, but we had to show it to you anyway, because…

Anya Hindmarch Oversized egg coat

Anya Hindmarch Oversized Egg Coat

… yes, that IS an egg on the pocket. And on the other pocket. Of a $2,750 coat. We’re just going to leave that to sink in, while we go mix ourselves a stiff drink…

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