3 Things Stylish Women Do Every Weekend

3 things stylish women do on the weekend

Well, it’s finally Friday: the weekend is just hours away, and for most of us, that means it’s time to kick back, relax, and not think about anything more taxing that what to watch on Netflix, or what topping to get on that pizza we just ordered.

Not so for stylish women, though.

OK, so stylish women are just people, at the end of the day: they also chill on the sofa, watching Netflix and eating pizza. Or, at least, we hope they do, because a life without Netflix is no life at all. They also, however, use the extra time at their disposal to prepare for the week ahead, and make sure it’s as stylish as they are. Well, most of the time.

Here are three things stylish women do on the weekend


Stylish women know that impeccable style starts with an impeccably tidy closet. They don’t need to do a full-scale closet clearout every weekend (You’ll find our tips on how to clear out your closet here), but they do take the time to put things back on hangers, re-fold items that have been messed up, and generally transform the floordrobe back into a wardrobe. While they’re doing that, here’s something else stylish women do…


As they’re sorting through the clothes they wore or discarded in the week just gone, stylish women will take the time to check them over, looking for any missing buttons, mystery stains, or other little signs of wear that might otherwise get missed. We all know that feeling of pulling out an outfit you’ve planned to wear, only to discover a giant stain, or a missing button, so rather than putting off the mending and the laundry, stylish women try to tackle it right away, so everything is once again ready to be worn. And with the closet AND the clothes inside it clean and mended, it’s time for the final step…


For some stylish women, style is innate – it’s just something they were born with, and which can’t be faked. We hate those women. (We’re kidding.) (Sort of.) For others, however, style has to be worked at and planned, and one way of avoiding last-minute panics and that “I have nothing to wear!” feeling we all go through, is to take the time to plan ahead. Stylish women (or the ones who have to work at it, at least) don’t leave outfits to chance, they plan ahead, and always have an option should the weather not co-operate. Do this, and you’ll be able to head into the weekend safe in the knowledge that next week will be stylish, if nothing else…

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