Stylish Down Coats and Jackets: do they exist?

As the temperature plummets, the search for stylish down jackets begins…

January is a month when many of us feel like giving up on style altogether. When the temperatures are sub-zero, and the rain never seems to stop, all you want to do is either stay indoors, or bundle up in the warmest coat possible – who cares what it looks like?

If you DO care what that coat looks like, however, it can be easy to feel uninspired by the choices available. The warmest down coats always look more like giant sleeping bags than actual outerwear, and by this point of the year, even those “sleeping bag” styles can be hard to find, because so many brands have replaced them with summer stock which will be completely useless for several more months. What the style-loving cold-climate-dwelling woman to do? Do stylish down coats actually exist? And if so, where do you find them?

We’ll be honest here: while it IS possible to find relatively stylish down coats, “relatively” is the operative word here, and you’d probably want to put the word “stylish” in inverted commas, too. The coats on this page aren’t “stylish” in usual sense of that word, but we have managed to track down some coats which wouldn’t necessity be able to double as a duvet. For instance:

down coats

Miss Selfridge quilted coat, £69

Miss Selfridge describe this simply as a “quilted” coat, so it may not be quite as warm as the traditional down coat, but it should keep you warm in fairly cold temperatures. The bouclé sections on the arms and torso help add a touch of style to what would otherwise be a Michelin Man style marshmallow coat, but the faux-fur trimmed hood and quilted bottom half should help keep you cosy.

stylish down coats

LTB down jackets, £80

A more traditional down jacket, the belt on this one helps slim down the shape, making the silhouette much less bulky than many other jackets in this style.


down jackets for winter

Bosideng down jackets, £100

A down jacket that looks like a blazer: what could be better than that? Other than, you know, ACTUAL blazers, obviously.

Do you have a down coat/jacket? Have you spotted any stylish ones? Or do you think that if it’s cold enough for down, it’s too cold to care what you’re wearing?

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