Style Stealer: Sienna Miller’s Gold Sequined Dress

Sienna Miller's Gold Sequined Dress

Sienna Miller wore this glittery Burberry creation way back in the summertime, to the Anglomania exhibition. The UK high street caught up with the look just in time for the party season: result – you now can’t move for gold sequined dresses with a bow under the bust. Primark’s version is selling on eBay for up to £80 a time , but if that sounds like daylight robbery to you, you’ll find this one at River Island for £44.99..

Sienna Miller's Gold Sequined Dress

ASOS – £65. Er, shiny, much?

Primark Gold Sequined Dress

Primark – £18. If you see it, buy it – you’ll never find it again…

Gold Sequined Dress
Additions Direct – £40. A much more wearable version, in gold jacquard material. Well, how much wear do you think you’ll get out of gold sequins, anyway?

The big problem with this dress? It’s very distinctive, and everyone wants it. Wear at your own risk: I’m already starting to play "Spot the Sienna Dress" on TV shows (last spotted: on a member of the audience on Saturday night’s X Factor), and I’m having visions of turning up at parties only to be faced with an entire room-full of Sienna clones. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Sienna Miller Scrubs Up Good In Marchesa

Sienna miller in Marchesa

Well, praise be. We’ve had ol’ Sienna here in fashion jail for God knows how long: those skanky, scruffy dresses, the leggings, that awful print dress…GOD. But now – well, lookit how pretty she looks! Her Marchesa "dress" is actually a top – it’s from the Spring/Summer ’07 collection, and was worn by Marchesa’s model with a pair of skinny pants underneath. Leave it to Sienna to be different, though, and actually? I think she’s getting away with it. Bravo, Ms Miller. Now, let’s put all that "boho" unpleasantness behind us, will we?

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