Style Stealer: Nicole Ritchie’s Yellow Dress

Nicole Ritchie's Yellow Dress

Yellow. Such a difficult colour to wear. Nicole, though – well, Nicole here has managed to pull it off quite nicely. I think it might be something to do with the sun tan, or maybe I’m just blinded by her strangely shaggy wasitcoat. Anyway -should you be brave enough to steal Nicole’s style, this stretchy, figure-huggin’, celulite-reveallin’ little dress is only £18 in the Miss Selfridge sale.

In other news!

Nicole ritchie

Nicole, it’s sweet that you and Paris are back together, it really is, and we know you two were probably up all night talking about how you’re Best Friends Forever again, so we’re not going to pull you up for going out in public in the clothes you slept in.

What we really can’t forgive, though, Nicole, is the bare feet. Sorry, but we have a thing about feet over here. We don’t like to see them, and we especially don’t like to see them walking on a public pavement, where God-knows-what has been. (It’s OK, Paris, we’re not talking about you.) I know it sounds strange to be taking fashion tips from Paris, Nicole, but seriously: she may not be the brightest button in the drawer, but at least she’s properly shod…

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