Style Stealer: Lily cole’s Gharani Strok Filofax

Lily cole's Gharani Strok Filofax

I love Lily Cole. Love her. I mean, lookit how pretty she is! And also: she’s a readhead. Now, ya gotta love redheads, don’t even argue with me here… But enough about the lovely Lily: we’re here to steal her style, and steal it we shall, snatching this floral print Gharani Strok organiser from right under her pretty little nose. (Note: not really. We’re cops, not robbers here, you know.)

Despite writing for a gadget blog, I’m actually a bit of a ludite when it comes to technology. I’m also something of a stationery junkie, so this is right up my street – or it would be if it wasn’t £125, obviously. It’s limited edition, and there are only 500 available in the UK only (Sorry, Rest of the World. We love you, even if Gharani Strok doesn’t!). You can buy it from Filofax.

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