Style Stealer

Style Stealer: Kate Moss’s Black Capri Pants

You probably don’t need The Fashion Police to tell you that Gap are currently the place to get your skinny black pants, do you? They’ve based an entire advertising campaign around them, and have been promoting them at every possible opportunity. We’ll forgive them, though: these really are an absolute fashion essential – wear them with ballet flats and a turtle neck for the Audrey Hepburn look, and don’t let the fact that Kate Moss is a big fan of them too put you off. Get them at Gap…

Style Stealer: Naomi Watts’ Coat

Now, OK, Topshop’s Satin Bow Tuplip Coat doesn’t have quite the pretty sheen of Naomi’s designer number, and there’s no kicky little bow at the neckline. All the same, for £95 we think it’s a pretty sound investment, and we love the classic 50s style. What we don’t love quite so much? Naomi’s leggings ruining an otherwise great look…

Style Stealer: Christina Aguilera

No, I can’t quite believe I’m sitting here writing a guide on how to dress like Christina Aguilera either. Once a prime candidate for every Worst Dressed list going, though, you just haveta admit that Christina’s come a long way, baby, and these days she’s looking – well, great. Poor Britney. Christina’s been channeling old style Hollywood glamour lately, with her platinum blonde hair and bright red lipstick, but her “dress down days” tend to revolve around a pair of well-fitting jeans and killer heels – ideally by Christian Louboutin. Here’s how to steal her style:

Style Stealer: Mischa Barton’s Shift Dress

ASOS claim this cream button shift dress is “in the style of Mischa Barton”, but that’s not why we like it. We like it because it’s totally working the sixties style that’s everywhere at the moment (don’t let that put you off, though), and because, well, it’s cute. It’s also a mere £25. Bargain. See Mischa wearing one just like it behind the cut…

Style Stealer: Nicole Ritchie’s Cape Jacket

I’m going to out myself here as a closet fan of Nicole Ritchie’s clothes. It may be no coincidence that Google starts showing ads for humanitarian aid every time we feature the skinny Ms Ritchie here, but let’s hand it to her, she does have some clothes we’d just love to steal. Nicole’s gorgeous white cape jacket is probably so expensive that stealing it would probably be quite literally the only option for me, but luckily River Island have something similar for a mere £49.99.