Style Stealer

Style Stealer: Fergie’s little white curve seam dress

It’s a rare thing for us to try and steal Fergie’s style, and it’s not something I would normally advocate trying at home, kids. On this occassion, though, Fergie’s actually looking quite chic for once, in a simple white dress and metallic shoes, and rather nice she looks, too. Fergie’s dress is by Couture Couture, but thic cheap n’ chic version from Topshop is pretty similar, with the same button front and bell sleeves, and it’s only £40. I’ve had my eye on this dress for a few weeks now: I think it could be a great summer buy, and would look good dressed down with plip flops and big sunnies – maybe a Bianca Jagger style floppy hat too,…

Style Stealer: Teri Hatcher’s Dolce & Gabbana dress

Teri Hatcher appeared on Letterman recently in a shocking pink corset dress with pockets…Well, this one is in purple, but it’s the very same dress: it’s by Dolce & Gabbana and is £1,280 at Browns Fashion. Personally, I’d go for the emerald green version, which is even more striking, but given that it’s exactly the same price as the purple one shown above, I doubt it’ll be troubling my wardrobe anytime soon.

Style Stealer: Paris Hilton shows us what to wear to church

You know, I don’t know why everyone gets so wound up over Paris Hilton and her silly little infringements of the law*. Why, Paris is clearly a fine, upstanding young woman, who goes to church abd everything! Lookit Paris going to church in her pretty white dress! Now, would you throw that sweet innocent girl in jail? Yup, me too…. Love the dress though, Paris. The JC Penney version on the right isn’t quite as nice, but for $39.99, it’ll do. * Sarcasm. Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough for ya.

Style Stealer: Ugly Betty’s Gucci handbag

I have to admit, I’m not really all that keen on this 85th Anniversary Hobo by Gucci. But Ugly Betty loved it, and the busy print, with its browns and creams is very Betty, is it not? It’s $1596 from Neiman Marcus, and has an "85th Anniversary" plaque on the back. Or you could, you know, make like Betty herself and pick up a fake from a street seller for $20. Not, you understand, that we’re advocating that kind of behaviour… Buy the bag

Style Stealer: Sienna Miller’s white ‘pinny’ dress

I know, I know… I can’t quite believe I’m recommending that you dress like Sienna Miller either. Or, indeed, that you wear something calling itself a "pinny". But still… while this kind of shapeless style would make me look like a toddler, there’s no denying that ol’ Sienna here is wearing it well. You’ll find a similarly styled dress at Dorothy Perkins for £20, and you can pick up the silver sandals there too – they’re £18.

Style Stealer: Nicole Ritchie Does Stripes

I’d normally hesitate to recommend horizontal stripes to anyone other than Nicole Ritchie because they’re notoriously fattening, but if you do want to try and copy this look, the striped sweater is $58 at Banana Republic, the skinny jeans are by Blue Cult and are $117at Bluefly, and the Steve Madden peep toes (which, OK, aren’t as nice as Nicole’s Louboutins) are $149.95. Oh, and don’t forget the trademark huge sunglasses – Nicole never does. These are by Dior and are $210.

Style Stealer: Rachel Bilson’s Dressed Down Look

Doesn’t Rachel Bilson look absolutely gorgeous here? Sadly, I didn’t manage to find a jacket exactly the same as this cute little cape, but this cropped jacket from Miss Selfridge makes a good substitute – just sew on a couple of big buttons and you’re almost there.Most of us already have a pair of faded blue jeans tucked away in our wardrobes somewhere, but if not, River Island’s slouch jeans will set you back £44.99. This vintage style cami from Warehouse dresses up what the jeans dressed down, and as for the shoes… well, the shoes were a little harder to find, but these Kenneth Cole flats might just do the job.

Style Stealer: Kate’s Striped Sweater Dress

One of the things I still love about Kate Moss – one of the few things I still love about Kate Moss – is that her style is so easy and effortless, and hence so easy to steal. Take this striped sweater dress, for instance. These are everywhere at the moment: just add black tights (or leggings, if you dare), a pair of ballet flats like Kate’s, or tall leather boots, sling on a belt if you need one, and you’re good to go. Kate’s dress is by Juicy Couture, and you’ll find it (in brown) for $298 at Saks. If you can live without 100% cashmere, the River Island dress in the middle is £34.99. Two more after the…

Style Stealer: Lindsay Lohan’s Blue Dress

Topshop finally relaunched their website today, getting rid of all of that hard-to-navigate flash and replacing it with something a whole lot more user-friendly. Also very user-friendly is the lovely Lindsay Lohan (miaow), whose blue dress in this picture is a lot like this one from Topshop, although I’d be willing to bet that LiLo here paid a good bit more than the £38 this one will set you back…

Style Stealer: Lily cole’s Gharani Strok Filofax

I love Lily Cole. Love her. I mean, lookit how pretty she is! And also: she’s a readhead. Now, ya gotta love redheads, don’t even argue with me here… But enough about the lovely Lily: we’re here to steal her style, and steal it we shall, snatching this floral print Gharani Strok organiser from right under her pretty little nose. (Note: not really. We’re cops, not robbers here, you know.) Despite writing for a gadget blog, I’m actually a bit of a ludite when it comes to technology. I’m also something of a stationery junkie, so this is right up my street – or it would be if it wasn’t £125, obviously. It’s limited edition, and there are only 500…

Style Stealer: Nicole Ritchie’s Yellow Dress

Yellow. Such a difficult colour to wear. Nicole, though – well, Nicole here has managed to pull it off quite nicely. I think it might be something to do with the sun tan, or maybe I’m just blinded by her strangely shaggy wasitcoat. Anyway -should you be brave enough to steal Nicole’s style, this stretchy, figure-huggin’, celulite-reveallin’ little dress is only £18 in the Miss Selfridge sale. In other news! Nicole, it’s sweet that you and Paris are back together, it really is, and we know you two were probably up all night talking about how you’re Best Friends Forever again, so we’re not going to pull you up for going out in public in the clothes you slept in….

Style Stealer: Nicole Ritchie’s Underwear

I know this is probably much more information than you ever wanted to know about me, but I? Am a lingerie junkie. I could happily spend hundreds on underwear – I love it almost as much as I love shoes and handbags, and as anyone who knows me will confirm, I love shoes and handbags a LOT. I love these “rumba shorts” (for that is their name) too. They’re only £12 from ASOS, and they’re in the style of Nicole Ritchie, dontchya know? I put the picture of Nicole wearing them behind the cut, though. Well, we are a family blawg after all…)

Style Stealer: Victoria Beckham’s Chritian Louboutin Stilettos

When we did our Victoria Beckham Style Stealer yesterday we left out the shoes because, well, beauty like this deserves a post all of its very own, dontchya think? These beauties need no introduction, but I’ll introduce them anyway: they’re Christian Louboutin’s black patent stilletos, and they’re £310 from Browns. In other news here is Posh out and about with Katie OK, Katie, we don’t really want to knock you here because it’s nice to see you out having some fun, and it’s even nicer to see you doing it without Tom Cruise, but honey? Nice boobs, but next time, buy a dress that fits. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great dress, it’s just – well, it looks like…

Style Stealer: Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes’ Coats

Now, I know we’re in danger of starting to sound like the Victoria Beckham fan club here, but seriously – I defy you to take a look at this picture and tell me that she doesn’t look absolutely fabulous. Katie Holmes hasn’t scrubbed up too badly either. Well, we’ve had a quick scour for coats just like theirs for you – take a look behind the cut to see what we’ve come up with… We couldn’t say for certain, but Victoria is a good friend of Christopher Bailey, Burberry’s creative director, so that coat she’s wearing may just be Burberry, in which case it’ll cost you a cool $1500 from Raffaello Network . As for Katie, well, it shocks even…

Style Stealer: Nicky Hilton’s Animal Print Dress

I know, I know, these dresses aren’t exactly the same, but we say if you absolutely must do the whole animal print thing this season, don’t do it like Nicky – too tight and too shiny – do it like Warehouse, with their cute, 60s style shift dress for £55.00. Much easier to wear (black tights and black patent Mary Janes will do the trick) and a lot more flattering, too. Sorry, Nicky…

Style Stealer: Christina Aguilera

ASOS are having a bit of a Christina Aguilera moment right now, but given that Christina herself has been scrubbing up well recently, this isn’t quite the disaster it could otherwise have been. Theirs is a chap n’ cheerful approach to fashion, so the dress on the left is just £25, while the one next to it is £30. Both together cost less than Christina’s right shoe, but they’re nice, cheap copies if you fancy stealing her style. Take a look at the originals….

Style Stealer: Rachel Bilson’s Striped Scarf

Rachel Bilson’s look here is nice and simple… We found the striped scarf at Urban OUtfitters for $24; Seven for All Mankind’s skinny blue jeans are $143 at ShopBop, and a classic grey t-shirt will set you back just $6 from good ol’ Target. Having saved money on the t-shirt and scarf, we’d recommend splashing out on a pair of grey Chloe Paddington boots, and you can take your pick of aviators at

Style Stealer: Gywneth Paltrow’s Blue Shirt Dress

We wouldn’t normally recommend wearing blue and black together, but there’s no denying that Gwyneth looks radiant in this picture. If you want to steal her style (and she’s been scrubbing up pretty good lately, so why the hell not), the dress in the middle is by AKA New York and is a pretty good copy (or maybe even the very one Gywneth has on, who knows). It’s $342 from Bluefly. If you’re on a budget, and don’t mind compromising a little, the Snob dress on the right is only £18 from ASOS, and although it has short sleeves rather than long one, and a polka dot rather than plain colour, it’ll let you give this look a bit of a…