Style Trial | Three Floor scalloped dress

orange scallop sleeved dress with gold skirt

orange scalloped top

Three Floor scalloped dress, £128

ASOS describe this item as a “fancy dress”, and while we guess that’s technically true – well, it IS pretty fancy – it also totally had us thinking it was supposed to LITERALLY be fancy dress. As in, “a Halloween costume”. Maybe a cartoon dinosaur of some kind, say?

As it turns out, however, this isn’t a costume, and it’s not a dinosaur suit either (although if you want to wear it as one, we promise not to tell.) Actually, it’s a dress designed by London label Three Floor, who, ASOS inform us, are “inspired by the effortless style of fashion insiders, from models to bloggers.” So now you know, folks: IT’S THE BLOGGER’S FAULT.

There’s a lot that’s interesting about this piece, from the bright orange scalloped top (Not the easiest colour to pull off, but definitely one of the most eye-catching), to the slashed sides, the low cut top, and the short gold skirt. It’s not your ordinary item of clothing, anyway, and so our question to you is:

Do you like it?

Would you wear it?

Would you buy it?

If you answered “yes” to the last question, you can head over here and have your £128 at the ready.

If you answered “yes” to any of the other questions – or even if you answered ‘no’, actually – we’d love to hear your thoughts, so you know the drill:  leave us a comment and let us know if this is a crime of fashion, or innocent of all charges!

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