Style Trial: THAT Zara “skort”…

If you follow any fashion blogs (other than this one, obviously), this probably isn’t the first time you’ve been confronted with a sight like this:


Zara mini skort, £25.99

It’s THAT Zara skort. It’s been one of the fashion blogger’s favourite summer items this year, and there have been times when we’ve found ourselves wondering if there was some kind of “MUST WEAR SKORT” memo we’d missed.

We’ve hesitated to write about THAT Zara skort until now, because, well, it’s obviously very popular. Lots of people have it, lots of people are wearing it, and so far only a few lone voices in the wilderness have plucked up the courage to stand forward and say, “You know… does that thing remind anyone else of a giant diaper? Or maybe a napkin tucked into a belt?”

Today, however, we’re breaking the Skort Silence and putting it up on trial. Are you one of the many (many) people who love the skort? Has it formed the mainstay of your summer wardrobe so far? Or are you on Team ‘Diaper’ with this one?

Tell us in the comments…

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