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pink coats: fashion trend for winter 2013

We’ve already talked about pink as a colour trend in general for winter 2013, but there’s one area in which all of that pink is really going to dominate: outerwear.

For some, the pink coats will come as a welcome relief from all of the grey, black and navy that retailers usually try bombard us with as the weather gets colder. Why do fashion designers think that when the weather’s gloomy, we’re going to want our clothes to be gloomy, too? We will never know. What we DO know, however, is that they’ve recently had a change of heart: last winter saw an infusion of pastel coloured coats into the outerwear market, and this season the trend continues, but with just the one shade – baby pink.

The good news here is that baby/powder pink is much more wearable than it’s sister shades, ‘Pepto Pink’ and ‘Barbie Pink’, and while those colours will be represented this winter too, many of the coats on offer are pale enough to force us to screw up our eyes, squint at the screen and wonder, “Is that pink… or is it just beige?” The paler the pink, the easier it is to wear it, and to pass it off as just another neutral, but at the same time, there’s no denying that the BRIGHTER the pink, the more fun it’ll be to wear, too. If you like pink, that is.

And if you DON’T like pink? Well, chances are you’re getting some serious Elle Woods vibes from all of this, and muttering about how you wouldn’t be caught dead in such a stereotypically “girlie” colour. Happily, of course, you don’t actually HAVE to: there will be plenty of other colours for your coats, so you’ll still be able to find something to suit you, we’re sure.

Here’s a small selection of pink coats: don’t forget to tell us what you think of them!

Zara pink coat

Zara, £179

Ted Baker pink coat

Ted Baker, £299

pink coat by Simone Rocha

Simone Rocha, $1,465

Rochas pink coat

Rochas, $1870

Club Monaco

Club Monaco, $329

pink wool coat

Stills, £530

pink coat by Red Valnetino

Red Valentino, £544

Zara, $139

Zara, $139

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