Style Trial: Opening Ceremony raffia striped overall dress

Opening Ceremony raffia dress

There are two words in the product description of this dress which instantly set The Fashion Police’s alarm bells ringing. Those words:




Now, we’ve discussed overalls a lot recently, so you already know about our deep distrust of any item of clothing which is really intended to be worn during hard, manual labour, and is now being marketed as “fashion”.

This model doesn’t look like she just finished a hard shift at the garage, though, so while we hate the overall elements of this dress – probably enough to have called it in for questioning even without the raffia accomplice, actually – let’s move on to the raffia.

Raffia. It’s not something you really expect to find on a dress, do you? Hats, yes .Summer bags, maybe. A raffia dress is new(ish) territory, though, so while this one is only 55% raffia (the underskirt is linen), and undoubtedly took a lot of skill and effort to make, we still want to know:

Is it a crime of fashion?

You decide.

[Click here for the product page]

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