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Moschino Sponge Bob Collection Fall 2014

Moschino Sponge Bob Collection Fall 2014
Moschino Sponge Bob Collection Fall 2014

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Ever since Jeremy Scott took over at Moschino, the brand has descended into a strictly novely-wear line.  Earlier this year there was the ‘fast food’ collection, and now, for Fall 2014, we have a Spongebob-inspired range, including sweaters, bags, visors and more. Of the items shown above, the sweater is £429, the bag is £580 and the visor is a snip, at “just” £151. They’re all available to order now at Louisa Via Roma: our question is, WILL YOU order them?

Of course, the people who love this stuff argue that it’s humorous, irreverent and fun, and it’s true that even Moschino themselves poke fun at the fact that they’re able to sell this stuff for such extortionate prices:

Moschino t-shirt

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It’s funny, sure, but it’s also £141, and bearing in mind that it IS just a t-shirt, and most of that price comes from the fact that it’s OMGDESIGNER, the joke may well be on you if you decide to buy it at that price.

Those who DON’T go for this novelty approach to dressing, however, simply wonder if it’s really necessary to wear a Spongebob t-shirt in order to prove they have a sense of humour. There must be other ways to inject a bit of fun into your outfit choices, after all? A way that doesn’t involve spending almost £600 to carry around a bag which people will think you stole from your little sister.

If you’re not into Spongebob, however, there are some other options out there. Like this, for instance:

Moschino dress

It’s only £5,178. Any takers?

What do you think of this latest collection? Crime of fashion, or a fun way to show your love of Spongebob AND your love of Moschino?

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